Customer Service

C&A Machine Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of precision metal components. Our focus is on continuously improving the quality of our product, customer service, and on-time delivery.

Engineering Services

Our staff will plan the most cost-effective metalworking techniques for your project. With both screw machines and CNC equipment in-house, we can use the right machines in the best work-flow, minimizing operations to cut turnaround time and cost.

Component Assembly

C&A Machine Company can combine parts we make with others we purchase, assembling them into finished sub-assemblies following your engineering specs. You’ll get complete, tested modules ready for use, saving you inspection and assembly time.

Just In Time Delivery

C&A Machine can maintain finished goods inventory for customers. We can run an estimated years quantity of parts at once for maximum efficiency, then ship small quantities according to your release. Shipments can be triggered by phone, fax or E-Mail. This will reduce work in progress, lead time and cost while improving your cash flow and delivery to your customer.